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In the shadow of the snow-covered Himalayas, Khajjiar Lake is the most spectacular of lakes. Surrounded by cedar forest, the lake is located at an elevation of 1920 m. The small water streams of the Himalayas act as a source for the Khajjiar Lake. One can also visit the Khajinag temple which features fine wood carvings and a gold dome.


Shrouded by a green blanket of pine and deodar trees and enfolding refreshing water streams, the picturesque Panchpula has always been one of the favorite spots of tourists in Dalhousie. It is a nice picnic spot, where you can spend some time with your family and friends and enjoy the loveliness of exotic waterfalls and refreshing streams. The Panchpula is only three kilometers from the main city of Dalhousie.


Dalhousie- Chamera Dam is one of the most frequented tours from Dalhousie. The Chamera Dam lies on the route to Chamba at an approximate distance of 36 kilometres from the center of the city of Dalhousie. The Chamera Dam is built over the River Ravi and supports the hydroelectricity project in the region. The reservoir of the dam is the Chamera Lake which is the hub of various water sports near the city of Dalhousie.


The St. Francis Church is draped by the branches of deodar trees. One can see some of the finest examples of glass and stonework in the interior of the church. Every wall of the church speaks and narrates its colorful history. The structure of the church is more than 100 years old still, it looks as fresh as it was built yesterday. The church is built in typical British architecture and bears a resemblance to many famous churches of England.


The bridge, which is in Basohli tehsil of Kathua district of Jammu is North India’s first cable-stayed bridge. It has not only provided close connectivity among the three states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab but also made the lives of those living close to the Ravi so much easier. Residents of more than three dozen villages now don’t have to undertake the cumbersome journey to meet up.


Dainkund Peak is the highest peak in the Dalhousie region and is a famous tourist spot where people come to experience the beautiful views and sense of calmness that this location has to offer with such a serene setting. The peak is the highest one can get on and gives a 360-degree view into the depths of the beautiful valleys that you’ll find no matter which direction you face. At the peak, you can experience the comfort of the silent breeze flowing, making you feel as if you are floating in the clouds. These breezes make a charming sound while the move through the trees.


Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary is a 30.69 km² animal sanctuary at Kalatop and Khajjiar in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The sanctuary area is well laid out for trekking trails both at Kalatop and Khajjiar. A dense deodar and fir forest covers 19.63 km² of the sanctuary, which is about 6 km from Dalhousie. Pheasants, serow, and black bear are some of the common animals found here. The sanctuary lies in the path of the Ravi River and is surrounded by coniferous and oak forests.

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